Inbound Leads Support

Inbound Lead Support

We know how much work goes into generating inbound leads can be. Afterall, getting leads actively coming to you is a big challenge in most markets. Creating relevant content, organising events and running Webinars is both costly and time-consuming. What happens when you’ve syndicated your content? Or you’ve got your website inbound engine up and running and you have an influx of new leads?

That’s where IntegriLeads step in. We follow up with your inbound leads and qualify them to whatever level you need. Our team supplements your current team and help to deal with the leads you have spent so much effort in generating.

We will ensure they are the right level and proceed to schedule time in the diary where appropriate. If they are not the right individual, we will find out who is. Our team can profile the company for you and identify if there are any upcoming projects that may be relevant. And, we also look for any other information that will be useful when it comes to working with that client. All of this information will be fed back to you in whatever format you prefer.

We have used many different CRM’s such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, BPM etc. and we can manage the data input directly if necessary. Like our Appointment Setting offering, we will invoke the onboarding process and ensure that your dedicated team are equipped to handle any queries that may arise. And, we will ensure that they receive all of the training required to prepare them for multiple scenarios. Communication channels will be open and you will always be connected.

Our team comes with many years of experience in inbound leads support. We will work with you closely to ensure you and your team get the most out of working with us. 


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