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Jayne Delaney

Operations Director

Jayne has been working in Sales and Business Development since 2004. She has a degree in Computer Systems and has always been a high achiever which she attributes to her logical and analytical mind. She has been the top performer in all her previous roles and has helped many companies in the IT and Finance space transform their pipeline.

At IntegriLeads, Jayne’s responsibility is to look after the overall operations of the company. She is charged with developing strategies, creating efficiencies and updating processes to ensure a smooth experience for both the staff and clients.

Aisling Kirwan

Sales Director

Aisling is passionate about sales having worked in the industry since 2006 and has a Masters degree in Real Estate. She is very personable and has a fantastic reputation for creating positive experiences for clients having one of the highest retention rates in her previous role. She has achieved many highs in her career working with some of the top 10 global IT companies.

Aisling will be looking after the Sales function at IntegriLeads. She is focussed on offering a professional service and creating an environment allowing interactive communication. One of her responsibilities is to identify clients that will be a good fit and match our culture, setting the foundations for a lasting relationship. She is an expert in lead generating and has a proven track record of running high quality lead generation campaigns.

Eimear O'Connor

Delivery Director

Eimear is a QFA and has worked in Business Development and Sales since 2003. She a true leader whose drive and passion gets the best out of her team. She enjoys conversation and has an ability to draw out information without you knowing. This has led to some very successful results in her previous roles for her clients, generating revenue of over 30 million.

At IntegriLeads, Eimear will be overseeing the delivery of all campaigns for our clients. She will be managing our growing team, looking after our training programmes as well as performance management. She will also be heavily involved in continuing to grow relationships with existing customers and developing strategies to ensure successful results.

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